EFC allows you to concentrate on what you do best, by handling all aspects of tuition billing.

Becoming a member of Educational Funding Company means that you will be assigned a team, and within the team, a specific Account Executive, who will monitor your account every day. Consider your Account Executive as an extension of your own team.

Re-selling Programs.

EFC has proven to be valuable to many schools' operations because we know how to sell and resell martial arts classes to students. Your Account Executives will remind students why they enrolled in the first place. They know the profile of the school and can talk intimately about the values and benefits of the program. So the owner doesn't have to wear two hats: be the chief instructor as well as collect money.

Daily Monitoring of Electronic Accounts.

Your Account Executive will rapidly follow up on electronic declines, credit card declines and EFT rejections-basically any electronic failures, on a daily basis.

Your Account Executive will also develop a supportive relationship with you and has at his or her fingertips a plethora of resources. As an arm of EFC's consultancy operations, they can connect you with any resource, networking relationship, or martial arts support material you might need. They know what is working for clients at every moment, and can share this knowledge with you.

Strengthening Your Relationship With Your Students.

EFC is a safety net. Your Account Executive will take calls and make calls to remedy any collection issues, and we thereby strengthen the school's relationship with the student. It's EFC's area of expertise.

They also remind clients of upcoming events, pertinent articles in the Eagle Express and interviews in the Talking Newsletter, and how to utilize our software products, online services and support material. EFC does all this exceptionally well, communicating with the school every step of the way.